Pavel G. Vesnakov (member ofEuropean Film Academy) born in Sofia in1987, is an award winning Bulgarian filmdirector & scriptwriter. He holds aBachelor's degree in Visual Arts and aMaster's Degree in Film Arts. He isknown for his highly realistic andprovocative films, exploring thecollapse of contemporary Bulgariansociety.He is the writer/director of the trilogy of short filmsINCHES OF SUBURBIA: TRAINS (2011), THE PARAFFIN PRINCE(2012) and PRIDE (2013), which have screened at numerousinternational film festivals, such as Locarno, Sarajevo,Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Edinburgh, Trieste, Asiana,Cottbus, Leeds, Sofia, Helsinki and many more. They havewon more than 30 prestigious international awards and stillcontinue to travel on the festival circuit. The latestinstallment of the trilogy, PRIDE, won the Grand Prix inthe International Competitions of Clermont-Ferrand andBrive film festivals, and was nominated for Best Short Filmat the 2014 European Academy Awards.Pavel is also an alumnus of the Berlinale and SarajevoTalent Campuses.In 2014 he received the Robert Bosch Eastern European CoProduction Film Prize for his fourth short film project“Zeus”, which premiered in Locarno Film Festival 2015 andwon the Grand Prix in International competitions of Brestand Warsaw Film Festival.Recently Pavel started working on his first featurefilm – “NOT ANGRY ANYMORE”. 

Awards and nominations for “Pride”:* Grand Prix, 36th International Short Film FestivalClermont-Ferrand* Nomination for the European Film Awards - 2014* European Grand Prix, Brive Film Festival* Best European Short, 44th Alcine Film Festival* Best European Short Fiction Film, Go Short InternationalShort Film Festival Nijmegen* Best Bulgarian Short Fim, FILMINI International ShortFilm Festival* Best Actor (Mihail Mutafov), Brussels Short FilmFestival* Best Actor Award (Mihail Mutafov), La GuarimbaInternational Film Festival* Best Screenplay Award (Pavel Vesnakov & Vanya Rainova),La Guarimba International Film Festival* Best Short Film, Bulgarian Film Academy Awards 2014* Best Supporting Actress (Svetlana Yancheva), BulgarianFilm Academy Awards 2014* Grand Prix ( Golden Roze) for Best Short Film, 32ndBulgarian Feature Film Festival - Golden Rose* The Critics Guild Award (UBF) , 32nd Bulgarian FeatureFilm Festival - Golden Rose* Special Short Film Cinematography Award of the PopovoMunicipality, The Golden Eye Cinematography Film Festival* Cinematic Achievement Award, THESS International ShortFilm Festival* Special Jury Mention, International Competition,Sarajevo Film Festival* Special Jury Mention, Zubroffka International ShortFilm Festival* Special Jury Mention, 7th Lviv International FilmFestival* Jameson Special Mention, 18th Sofia International FilmFestival* Audience Award for Best Short Film at the SofiaFilm Fest at the Coast* Bulgarian Film Academy Awards 2014:- Best Short Film - PRIDE- Best Actor - Mihail Mutafov- Best Actress - Ani Bakalova- Best Supporting Actress - Svetlana YanchevaAwards and Nominations for “The Paraffin Prince”* Best Bulgarian Short Film – 17th Sofia FilmFestival 2013* Best Bulgarian Short Film – 31th Golden RoseFilm Festival – Varna, Bulgaria* Special Jury Prize – Sarajevo InternationalFilm Festival 2013* Best Bulgarian Short Film – In The PalaceInternational Film Festival – Balchik 2013* Best Bulgarian Short Film – Bulgarian FilmAcademy awards 2013Awards and Nominations for “Trains”* Best Bulgarian Short Film – 15th SofiaInternational Film Festival 2012* Best Bulgarian Short Film – In the PalaceInternational Film Festival – Balchik 2012   

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